See the FemSkin III Striptease!

Our Third Seamless FemSkin

$995.00 Limited Time Only!

Fully penetratable vagina!

Optional rectum gives you a penetratable anus!

Optional pouch kit makes urination possible!

Optional FemPads or Padded Girdle!

Optional large D-Cup breast implants!

Optional one year full replacement insurance!

Free one month replacement Guarantee do to manufactured defects!

The final touch to a perfect image!

FemSkin is very soft, very strong and very “stretchy”, stretching many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion. FemSkin is small, tight and stretchy like pantyhose, it is a silky smooth skin and will shape your body to a sexy female form. FemSkin's measurements are 34" chest X 25" waist X 34" hips because FemSkin is very stretchy it will fit any male from 5' 5" tall to 6' 11" tall, 140lbs to 220lbs. The breast consists of very stretchy outer skin and nipples only so you can use any size and quality of breast forms on the inside you choose to. But for best results you must use our D-cup Implants, only our Implants will give you cleavage. The D-cup implants are placed inside the skin after the skin is pulled up over the body.

FemSkin is designed for the Transgendered, made of a soft, flesh like silicone rubber (INCREDIBLY REALISTIC!) With a super realistic female genitalia, breast and a anus.

Anatomically Correct flesh like silicone skin prosthetic bodysuit in a perfect female form.

Unlike breast forms our silicone implants are much softer, have bounce and create cleavage. In looks movement and touch, a stunningly realistic appearance and impossible to differentiate from natural breasts ! Implants are not for surgical implant use!

The FemPads mold was molded form the inside of the FemSkin mold, making them a perfect fit for a FemSkin! FemPads are made with the same silicone we use to produce the breast implants to give you the bounce and jiggle your looking for! FemPads are not for surgical implant use!

Aproximate Shipping Time ten business days!

FemMix is a two part gule to temporarily adhere all FemSkin products directly to human skin. Prosthetics will bend and flex and will stay put until you take them off! Powdered makeup can be mixed into FemMix and used to blend a FemSkin to the body. The proper mix ratio is 1 Part A + a small desired amount of Powdered makeup + 1 Part B by volume. You can mix powder makeup in the A side making it match your skin tone. Then mix in the B side. This makes a Special Effects Make-up / Glue.To remove FemMix slowly peel the Prosthetic away from the skin and slowly peel FemMix off the Prosthetic.

Three skin tones to choose from!

All options are color matched!

Now only $995.00 plus shipping!

One month free replacement Guarantee do to manufactured defects!

Optional one year full replacement insurance just $555.00!

Insurance must be purchased at time of product purchase.

The suggested retail price for this suit is $1550.00 without the optional replacement insurance. You will not find this deal any place but and or Please note without the optional insurance we will only replace suits with manufactured defects. If you damage the suit we will not replace the suit. With the optional insurance we will replace the suit even if you have damaged the suit for up to one year. With or without the optional insurance you must return the damaged or defected suit before we will send out a new replacement suit.

The FemSkin is the only prosthetic skin in the world!

Nothing in the world even comes close to the FemSkin!

With care and patience the FemSkin will last you years!

$995.00 Limited Time Only!

Skin Tone



Optional Insurance for one year




Padded Girdle


Pouch Kit


Installed Rectum


4 oz FemMix


D-cup Implants


Aproximate Shipping Time ten business days!



For Free Shipping!


Sculpted Mold Works Corporation

And Mail To:

FemSkin P. O. Box 1216 Wildwood, FL 34785-1216

Aproximent Shipping Time ten business days!




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