Look Close at FemPads!

Shaped like a Female Body, not like hot dog and hamburger buns!

A stunningly realistic appearance In looks, movement, touch and impossible to differentiate from the natural body! Padding is not for surgical implant use!

FemPads are soft, lightweight stick on you and to each other!

Each side will add a 1 1/4" to each hip! A set will add 2 1/2" to your hips!

When FemPads are powdered they Feel Just Like Skin!


Like FemSkin, FemPads are very soft, very strong and very “stretchy”, stretching many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion. Making FamPads one size fits all!

T = Top / B = Bottom

Fempads are stackable!

No Left and No Right, Just Top and Bottom or Up and Down!

Two sets of FemPads will add 5" to your hips, three sets will add 7 1/2" to your hips, and so on!

FemPads can be used with or without a FemSkin!

Human skin is translucent. The skin surface reflects only about 5% of incident light, and most incident light penetrates the skin. The unique combination of color true pigments adapts to provide ideal, buildable coverage to perfectly match your skin tone. So we tint FemPads to a natural skin tone not color them.

Without any doubt FemPads are the most invanced Prosthetic padding in the world today but would you expect any less from FemSkin?

Ships in just five working days!

Just $350.00 a Set!



Place the FemPad on your body starting at two points at the same time: The hip bone and the thigh. In the same motion swing the pad around to your rear and see how it's going on. If you need to, lift it back off the butt and adjust it on the thigh, not moving it off the hip bone. The Hip bone is always going to be your starting point. The front part of the thigh is always going to be your 2nd point. Get these two points right and pull it around the body with the 3rd point in mind, the crack of your butt. You will find you can stretch and pull the pads in place on the butt cheeks and on into the butt crack. Do not pull the pads up your butt, just to the butt crack, not in it. Clean them with dish soap and water, pat dry with a towel.

Note: Powder the outside of the pads after you have them on your body to make sure the FemSkin suit or your clothes will slide over them and not stick to them.

Note: For even more sticking power get a kit of FemMix

FemMix is a two part gule to temporarily adhere all FemSkin products directly to human skin. Prosthetics will bend and flex and will stay put until you take them off! Powdered makeup can be mixed into FemMix and used to blend FemSkin to the body. The proper mix ratio is 1 Part A + a small desired amount of Powdered makeup + 1 Part B by volume .
You can mix powder makeup in the A side making it match your skin tone. Then mix in the B side. This makes a Special Effects Make-up / Glue.
To remove FemMix slowly peel the Prosthetic away from the skin and slowly peel FemMix off the Prosthetic.


FemMix 4oz
FemMix 4oz



One Month Free Replacement Guarantee!



The vanina is a very soft pigmented (1st color) silicone that stays moist and never dries out. The skin is baby smooth and soft but not moist. The first time the vagina is penetrated the cherry must be broken! This prosthetic is a total of just 3/4" thick! This prosthetic is 100% seamless and fits just like a tight thong!


This is why we named her, The Cherry Popper!


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